bitswrt Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Alexann Zhang

System analyst and software architect, certified CCIE, MSCE, JNCIS.

Alexann has over 15 years ICT industry experience, and used to work in Luckypai, Ericsson, Huawei and Etisalat. He was a senior engineer in large-scale network architecture design and enterprise network application troubleshooting.

Quan Long

WLAN R&D Director

Expert in WLAN SOC and RF designThe industry's most integrated soc wlan module; based on Qualcomm wlan chip independent research and development of 5mhz\10mhz bandwidth Wi-Fi driver, strong anti-interference.6 years of experience in wlan product development, cooperating with customers in industries such as Fiberhome, hiwifi, and Kangliyoulan to develop and design wlan products.

Yaohua Liu

Network and software architect, R&D expert.

Yaohua has early 20 years' experience in R&D as a senior system architect. He worked in Ericsson, Samsung, Nortel and other Fortune 500 companies, and he led a large R&D team in the internet industry in the last few years.